A Little Heart Bro-Ken

July 14, 2018

The last weekend of June, saw a Moxling chasing the sunset. Ken, oldest of the sons and wisest of the bartenders (he didn't pay me to say that, honest!) said goodbye to the Moxie crew and headed for his dreams in Colorado!

Saturday, June 30th, saw a final shift filled with friends, fun, and freaky faces!  

Unbeknowest to him, mini-Kens were made, courtesy of our own Carly B., and passed around.

 (Please don't be scared, this is only a blog.)

Now, he travels wherever he wants! #KenWasHere

"Checking out the ruins in Bandalier National Park in New Mexico. Is that Ken photobombimg me??" ---asked Tim Collins

"Ken out here posing with Vanna Whitewall!" ---noted Scott Swartzendruber

 He was also spotted "tearing it up at Uncle Bucks Fish Bowl." Scott reported.

 Kelcey Casey reported that Ken was following her! Such a life-like Mini-Ken!

 Scott was just happy that Ken "always has a home and bar to come back to!"


We are too, Scott. We are too.






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