Frequently Asked Questions

June 17, 2018

Do you take Credit Cards? 

Yes, but only for a few seconds. After we swipe them, we give them back. #WePromise

What are your hours?

I'm a night owl, so I'm usually awake at like, 2am. But sometimes, I like to wake up early, too. #ButYouDoYou

Why do you call Tuesday, Twos-day?

Uh, it's in the name. #Duh

Why is Trivia always on Thursday?

That's a good question! You should host Trivia! #NoReally #WeNeedHosts

How do you find your live acts?

We put a toy microphone out on the Patio, under a box propped up by a stick and string. They can't resist. #BeVewyVewyQuiet 

Can I bring my pet Giraffe?

Yes, but please keep them on the Patio. #BecauseCeilings

Who the heck writes your social media?!?

Well, aren't you just a nosey Rosie! #Why #AreYouHiringWriters 






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